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Apart from basic cookies, we also use cookies for purposes such as generating statistics, marketing and logging preferences. In the overview set out below, you can read more about both the general and specific purposes of each type of cookie.

Several of our cookies are so-called third-party cookies that are saved on behalf of a third party such as Google. For each third party, specific conditions apply to the processing of your data which you can also learn more about in the overview set out below.

You must actively indicate your choice below in order to provide your consent.

Learn more about the use of cookies on alpi.dk in our cookie policy below.


Cookie policy

The website owner and contact details

This website is owned and operated by:

ALPI Danmark A/S
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DK-7400 Herning
CVR No: 15129506

Contact person: Mette E Thygesen
Contact email: alpi@alpi.dk

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is saved to your computer, tablet or smartphone to enable us to manage what happens during your visit to our website and in order to recognise your device. Cookies contain only text, they do not contain any virus and cannot damage your device in any way.

For how long are cookies saved?

The period of time for which a particular cookie is stored on your device and browsers varies. The lifetime of a cookies is calculated based your most recent visit to the website. When the lifetime of the cookie expires, it is automatically erased. The lifetimes of all our cookies are set out in our cookie declaration.

This is how you reject or erase cookies

You can always completely reject all cookies or third-party cookies by changing the settings in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone. Where you find the settings, depends on the browser used. However, you should be aware that if you reject cookies, there will be website functions and services which you can no longer use (as these depend on the use of cookies).

You may deselect Google Analytics cookies here.

This is how you erase cookies

If you withdraw your consent or change it to apply to fewer cookies, you should be aware that this does not automatically remove cookies from your computer. You can either wait for the lifespan of the cookie to expire or you can choose to manually erase it.

How you erase cookies depends on the type of browser used (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, et al) and the type of device (computer, tablet or smartphone). You can typically do so under SETTINGS > SECURITY AND PRIVACY; however, the location can vary from browser to browser. Below, you find instructions on how to remove cookies from the most commonly used browsers:

Our website’s use of cookies

ALPI Danmark A/S records your visits to alpi.dk by means of cookies that are saved to your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit our website.

We use cookies for the general purposes set out below:

We use a number of necessary cookies which help us ensure the very basic functionality of our website and which remember your cookie settings next time you visit our website from the same device. The purpose is to create a good user experience for you and other visitors.

We use preference cookies which help us remember information and settings or change the look or behaviour of our website. This includes e.g. remembering your preferred language or your country.

We use cookies for statistical purposes. In this case, cookies help us generate an overview of your visit to our website, enabling us to e.g. analyse the number of visitors to our website and establish where visitors go on our web pages with a view to continuously optimising and targeting our website to the needs and interests of our visitors. We also use statistical cookies in connection with troubleshooting and support, as cookie information may indicate whether a problem is e.g. limited to users using a specific browser or a specific version of an operating system.

We use cookies for online marketing where the cookies help us target our advertisements and make them as relevant to you as possible. The purpose is to ensure the improved quality and greater relevance of our communication – e.g. through online advertising and email marketing.

You can read more about the specific purposes in the cookie declaration at the bottom of this page.

We use third-party cookies

Some of the cookies saved to your computer, tablet or smartphone by our website are saved on behalf of  parties other than ALPI Danmark A/S – so-called third parties. This is done to provide us with the use of statistical tools, specific features, or the like.

Basically, we do not have access to the information stored through the use of third-party cookies and the processing of this information is, thus, subject to the privacy policy of said third party which you can find in the overview of cookies set out below.

Whether or not we save cookies on our own behalf or on behalf of third parties, we respect your consent to the use of cookies.

Consent to the use of cookies

Our use of cookies is based on your consent which you can provide when visiting our website. We use a number of basic cookies which are required for the website to function; however, you are otherwise free to select the type(s) of cookies to which you wish to consent.

You can always withdraw your consent or change it by updating your consent settings at the bottom of this page. Naturally, you may also elect to erase cookies via your browser. In this case, we refer to the concrete browser documentation and process which you can find online.

Once you have provided your consent, we remember it (through the use of a cookie, of course) which means that you do not have to repeatedly provide consent every time you visit our website. Unless you do so using another device.

If fundamental changes are made to our cookie policy, we will send a request for renewed consent to all visitors to our website.

Changes to your consent

You can change your consent by either erasing cookies from your browser or by changing your original selection by clicking on the link below:

You can change your consent by clicking here

REMEMBER: If you use several browsers, you must erase cookies in all of them.

Cookie declaration

On this page, you find an overall overview of the cookies used by our website. Amongst others, this overview sets out the purpose of individual cookies, who provides the individual cookies, and the expiry of each type of cookie.

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